@polychrome sneaking into your house to properly modularize the codebase so there's no huge files like that

That's why I only distribute as 1.8gb compiled binaries with code so bad that even if you uncompiled it, it would still be just as unreadable.

Besides the point (or semicolon?) 

@polychrome I find this both funny and disturbing. I know this is besides the point, but there should never be that many lines of code in one single file. 😆

But yes, that's one sneaky fox.

@polychrome who the hell needs to see the picture while mastodon is describing it for you?

@mrunix validating my obsessive image description habit :blobnomcookie:

@polychrome uhh.... I was thinking this is a mastodon feature 😅

@mrunix when uploading an image on Mastodon you can input text description for the visually impaired. You can also mark which point of the image the preview should focus on. Give it a try! :blobowo:

Other servers like Pleroma also support this feature tho I think the image area focus is a specifically a Mastodon thing.

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