Museums are finding it nearly impossible to post imagery containing artistic nudity on social media because their posts keep getting deleted and accounts suspended or banned, so Vienna's museums opened a page on OnlyFans.

TikTok closed the Alberta museum account for showing an obscured woman's breast.

Facebook ruled the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf figurine as pornographic and removed the post.

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So lewd and pornographic

(Since when are we sexualising nudity entirely, even out of sexual contexts?)

@polychrome I used to think that this was Disneyfication (i.e. American prudery) going global, but now I doubt that.

It's seems this is what you get when you try to play to a truly global lowest common denominator and need to be cost-effective. Trying to moderate content to often vague and contradictory western liberal ideas of acceptability just isn't worth the effort.

@polychrome OnlyFans is still subject to their bullshit puritanism and only backpedaled. EU countries have a huge opportunity here for running their own puritanism-free networks.

@TheAntichrist I'd love to see the rise of a euro social network.

@polychrome @TheAntichrist If anything, the EU is an even more hostile environment for hosting adult-only content (or operating a corporate entity running a site with such content).

@pingviini @polychrome Citation needed. Latvia hosts tons of adult only content that would never be hosted in the US.

@TheAntichrist @polychrome And in Germany, you can't even /view/ AO-classified content on the Steam store, let alone buy it. That's basically the problem with the EU, it's not a unified market at all in that respect.

@pingviini @polychrome This is a Steam problem. The content isn't actually banned by the government, it's that they refuse to follow German regulation for it. This is not the same situation as what's happening with Github, TikTok or similar.

@polychrome @TheAntichrist basically EU missed the cloud train, because of misguided interpretations of GDPR, and of an even more misguided interpretation of the limits of innovation and market forces

The cloud is what drove social media creation, and they ended up being controlled by the US just like the cloud, even tho we had localised precursors social media, just like the US:

StudiVZ in Germany came out in 2005 in 2003, and became facebook 2004.

@TheAntichrist @polychrome wasn't onlyfans not that pay for pornography site for addicted followers?

Concerning TikTAD and all the other ad-networks like instADgram, fADebook:

IMHO: their place, their rules. Only cure: leave them, do not support them with an product account (named "user account"), ignore them, use federated alternatives.

I think, it is even better that they censor like a dictator to remind us, that we are not locked in their ADdom and free to move away.

@polychrome All because the stupid American false prudishness... The USA is enforcing it's stupid cultural system onto rest of the world, where it is absolutely right to show all kinds of violence, but showing the natural body is criminal.

@polychrome They *could* open an account on Mastodon instead. This place is full of much worse so no one will complain.

@polychrome I guess the fediverse still has some way to go to be noticed then. They could easily run their own instance and cw stuff and fit in to the network perfectly. They are already asking people to jump ship to a different network by using onlyfans so why not go to running a pixelfed instance? I assume, because they didn't know they could, and that onlyfans is well know enough to be sensationalist which suits the narrative

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@M0YNG @polychrome @lydiaconwell the fediverse is not as well known as it could be because we can't get tens of millions of dollars to spend on ads (investor storytime) and we can't promise to make people in Southern California rich beyond the dreams of avarice and powerful like unto Q. I imagine corporate social media gradually becoming irrelevant to me just like the chans or foreign political magazines or reality TV are today.

I agree about the sensation aspect.

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@bookandswordblog @M0YNG @polychrome Well ... perhaps we should tell them about Mastodon.

I know the Only Fans things is just a publicity stunt to make a point about stupid censorship, but Mastodon would get a bit off a boost if a few popular people/institutions to announced they were moving here.

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@gunchleoc @bookandswordblog @M0YNG @polychrome Nice one. I did look at Only Fans but I didn't see a way to contact the museum. Also you have to pay $3 to subscribe!

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@lydiaconwell @bookandswordblog @M0YNG @polychrome You could also send them a good old-fashioned e-mail if you don't want to sign up on closed-source social media

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@gunchleoc @lydiaconwell @bookandswordblog @polychrome I think pixelfed would be better... For a museum to promote art 😁

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@lydiaconwell @gunchleoc @M0YNG @polychrome yeah it bothers me that many people / orgs want contact through public comments or corporate soc med only. No judging what a museum does to pay the rent but paying $3 to send a note is a bit much.

lack of awareness of fediverse 

@bookandswordblog @lydiaconwell @M0YNG @polychrome The problem for them is manpower I guess. Moderating comments can take a lot of work hours and it will be difficult to get funding for that. They would not be able to cope with a troll invasion, so they make it somebody else's problem.


Funny that DA will allow you to post all the nudes you want and blur the thumbnail, requiring someone to click one time extra to actually see the picture; and that seems to work fine with few if any complaints.


It bugs me that there are legit reasons not to want nudes just out there on a site, but it's so easy to accommodate people who like seeing and posting them. Yet these sites won't do it. So typical to promise a tailored experience for the viewer and they say, "No we're doing it this one way so take it or leave it." 🖕

@xenophora @polychrome

Deviant Art has already got enough of a reputation for hosting "adult" content that British Telecom mobile services (EE) will silently block it unless the SIM card is associated with correct age ID), which also happens to "independent" sites about harm reduction for drugs that aren't run by the NHS or UK government, but interestingly the Fediverse gets through unfiltered...

@vfrmedia @xenophora @polychrome probably boris johnson comes here for anime pics so it must stay open

@piggo @polychrome @xenophora

I think its more that the Fediverse is spread across multiple different sites so it takes them a while to catch up and they only act on things that have been reported (its only altered DNS routing, using a VPN allows you to get round the blocks). As soon as Daily Mail readers teenage kids start using Fedi I expect /some/ sites might get blocked but its more likely to be big ones like

@vfrmedia @xenophora @polychrome

They don't think about Fediverse as a single entity. Regulators, corporations - and most of the society - have no clue about what Fediverse is about and how it operates. From their point of view, it's a random and disconnected collection of niche websites.

@kravietz @polychrome @xenophora

also its more difficult to justify blocking the whole lot, when instances have different policies on what is acceptable and in Northern Europe it could be viewed as discrimination against LGBT+ communities which would be /very/ unpopular..

That said there's nothing stopping an ISP scraping an existing instance list and using it to block hundreds/thousands of instances if they so wished, but as yet Fedi isn't that popular with younger teens >>

@kravietz @polychrome @xenophora

there are teenagers on here, but they tend to be around 6th form age (senior high school year) and are smart enough not to draw excessive attention to the Fediverse, aren't using it to facilitate anti social behaviour (such as gang fights/violence) and tend to have liberal, tolerant parents who don't make a fuss about them using it.

This is something folk have to be wary of when they say they want to see the Fediverse becoming the "new cool thing".,,

@vfrmedia @kravietz @polychrome @xenophora the original Eternal September was about too many first-year undergraduates arriving in a space for the existing culture to assimilate A case study is mentioned in

@polychrome So you're saying that if I don't want people posting pictures of me to social media, I should cover myself with nudes? 🤔 oh so they'll give a building an onlyfans but not me smdh

@polychrome i wonder if this will lead a museum to try running a fediverse compatible site. Also what museum might be the first to try it.

@polychrome This are the puritan crap ideas from the US seeping over to Europe!

@polychrome Clearly there's no way for them to post to their own website, and there cannot possibly be one...

@raucao it's about outreach. They want to promote the arts and 'social media' is more passively accessible to average people without the need for the audience to take the initiative and actively visit a website.

@polychrome Yes, I realize that. But they should really just run their own Pixelfed. Alas, most don't have an IT person in their organization, who could know about these things and set them up.

You could then still sync posts from the open web to the various silos, except for the ones that have disabled their post APIs.

@polychrome Is our online world so screwed up that museums feel they need (or *have*) to be on social media? Like, how much extra time & effort (and money) does it take a museum to be on one of these awful walled garden crapshows (ask me how I really feel about them, heh!) instead of focusing on the presence that they can own themselves - their websites?

@kinetix It's about outreach. They want to promote the arts and social media is more passively accessible to average people without the need for the audience to take the initiative and actively visit a website.

@polychrome Sure, I don't disagree with that, I think it's truly unfortunate and really quite screwed up. I'd say my feeling on that is I find it unfortunate that social media (really, "big business") have taken over the people's notion of what it is to be online, and reduced the internet to their awful walled gardens.

I look forward to the day when Facebook and their ilk are rejected by most.
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