Windows and MacOS have gone from "what is internet?" to "why aren't you on the internet right *now*?!"

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@polychrome Fun times in store for any poor user looking to set up windows without internet access and who don't know how to get around the 'sign in with your account' screen

@PeteMoss @polychrome They must talk to master because master needs to feed.

@polychrome "We noticed you are not on the internet like we want you to be. Would you like for us to fix that? We can turn on your network card for you and will do so."

@polychrome I'm peeved that they killed my quick calculator on Windows. You could smack the Windows key, type in 37748 / 27, and get an answer immediately, plus or minus several dozen Bing results that happen to have your digits in them.

Now it somehow preprocesses the search terms, so you get some marketing-driven lobotomized Bing search that can't handle a simple calculation. Cortana is just getting stupider with every update.

@polychrome Whereas early Linux was "good thing I have Internet on my real computer, because I can't get help making Internet work on my Linux box."

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