From an article:
📰​ “Flat design is about embracing the native format of digital,” explains Andrew Allen, WeTransfer’s head of product who co-developed a popular drawing app called Paper. “Computers want to render simple forms. Even with high-definition screens, flat shapes tend to load faster and scale easier.”

🖥️​ :blobglare:
If Windows 3.x could draw shaded GUI widgets on my 486 without an issue, then I don't think a modern computer would have trouble with further detailed elements.

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Mind you, his explanation makes perfect sense.

In 1985.

Or when coding a GUI on a microcontroller.

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@polychrome It is damn time for software development to enter it's rococo period.

@polychrome We need ostacious, asymmetric ornamentation. An end to the simple, symmetrical design of laying everything out in simple columns against flat colors!

@lordbowlich I think that the rococo period was skeuomorphism.

Next we should get to art deco! :thonking:

@polychrome "computers want to render simple forms"....... what? That is such a weird sentence

@polychrome "Yes, you see it's all flat so that it's easier to render. Also, this million-pixel sidebar has a heavy Gaussian blur effect for no reason at all"

@andrewt @polychrome That blur... I'm looking at you, Apple!

Although Apple stopped having everything flat with their latest update and the sidebar is gone. :thonking:

But they still use transparency with blur I think.

@polychrome I personally like flat design because it's clean and simple (most of the time) but not much for performance reasons :p
sure, it may save me 0.5% resources but w/e :^)

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