I've converted a couple of videos from the archived 1996 website of Babylon 5 to a modern format for your enjoyment!

The original file is at the resolution of 156x88 but the content is so 90's internet that I just had to.

Starting with Ivanova welcoming you to the online experience with a bit of a warning.


Head of security Garibaldi is not happy with your backup practices.


He'd also like some answers about the stuff in your hard drive.


Finally, Lennier reveals the one thing a Vorlon will find impossible to understand.

:msdos: :blobcatthinking:


@polychrome I was looking at how to convert the hqx files as they seemed larger and thus potentially the highest quality, but apparently that's an archive format?
Extracting it gave a .sit.bin file that is actually smaller than the .hqx file, and only about the 20kB larger than the mov. Makes me wonder why they archived it as hqx...

@FiXato I assumed the same thing! Ended up using the avi files instead, especially since none of my tools could open that version of Quicktime anyway.

We'll have to ask someone who had a mac at the time.

@polychrome @FiXato hqx is an encoding for converting binary files to be ASCII-representable, for sending over ASCII-only channels, like Base64 or uuencode. So it's larger than the contents.

unar should be able to open both.

@polychrome and if anyone wants to download all .MOV files using *NIX command-line tools:

`curl -s -o '/web/[^"]{1,}?\.mov' | xargs -I '{}' wget '{}'`

and then you can convert them using #ffmpeg with:
`for i in *.mov; do ffmpeg -i "$i" "${i%.*}.mp4"; done`

(Alternatively, if your version of FFmpeg doesn't handle Apple #QuickTime files properly, replace *.mov in both commands with *.avi)

@polychrome I love that Mumy could say this with a straight face. :bloblul:

@Jo he did write an entire song about fish heads :dopeburp:

@polychrome i need this played every time i boot up my computer please

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot that one, but instantly remembered it now. Thanks for digging up these jewels!

@polychrome Wow, thank you! This definitely gives me some nostalgic vibes, haha.
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