The 1996 website for is mostly archived and I love it.

Click the big logo to enter because that's how we used to roll back on the day.

This reveals (or reminds) fun things like how Warner Bros used to host an official IRC server for fans of their shows and 360" panoramas of the sets in Quicktime VR.

Best viewed in Netscape 3! ☄️​

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@craigmaloney I'm getting an "empty" HTML page (with the stuff) :blobcatthinking2:

@polychrome #babcom! I remember it well! It was one of my first homes on the internet! It didn't last long though, Warner Brothers shut it down when B5 stopped being a syndicated show and went to TNT. The survivors went to another server for a while, I lost touch soon after.

Paramount had an IRC server too for Star Trek. They even had had an officially-sanctioned roleplaying group, I think called A Call to Duty.

@srol @polychrome I also spent so much time here! Also on one called the lurker's guide and WB's IRC server for B5.

@polychrome Seeing those images made me remember one of the reasons I wasn't a fan of that show. The entire show was extremely dark to the point where you thought that there was a problem with the TV.

Especially the outside CGI shots. I read somewhere that this was intentional, but that really makes it worse

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