made the mistake of actually upgrading to mint 20 and now warframe is back to crashing a minute into playing lmao gdi

@root oh heck I was considering switching to that. What did they screw up?

@polychrome no idea, but i can only imagine that my wine was set up pretty fuckily and i probably fucked up my foreign sources when downgrading and whatnot so i probably need to figure out how to fully purge wine and reinstall it or something I'm not sure lol

@polychrome like i use the eggroll proton fork thing and it generally works great for most people but i think my crashing is probably my own wine drivers missing sources or being broken somewhere i have no clue lol it seemed all OK when checking and upgrading and autoremoving but idk lol


@root yeah a clean redo should help :blobcatthinking2:

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@polychrome "Warframe on Nvidia: you may need to disable GPU Particles in game otherwise the game can freeze randomly. On AMD they work fine"

ah fuck i missed this, i wonder if this is what is fuckin causing it lmao

@root @polychrome GPU particles suck the performance out of every pore of even my graphics card, so

@root I'm using the Proton5 that comes with wine and it works better than eggroll, so

@efi for mint, at least mint 19.4, i needed to use eggroll´s lol but idk maybe i wont without the particles

@root @efi hey isn't Lutris a possible solution for this? The launcher that manages multiple wine versions for you and can pull configs from a database.

@tammiii @efi maybe, but it probably would add a potentially difficult to implement step to the steam-proton system which is self contained and doesn't utilize any outside installations of wine or proton.

@tammiii @efi i wanna say i did see a guide for lutris somewhere, but i couldn't get the desktop version to work at all while i could at least launch the steam version haha but i think it might be OK now? despite him claiming it was fixed, i think it might have been fixed by adding the xbox controller driver lol

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