PR headline: "Star Trek to introduce the first non-binary character!"

Dax: Am I a joke to you 😐​

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And then there's Odo. He presents as male but it's pretty darn arbitery for a specie that lacks both gender and genitals (and can form any that "he" wishes to have - oh Kira you lucky girl.)

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I guess my point is that what Star Trek really needs is more gender fluid plots and stories that mix into the fabric of the universe in a natural fashion instead of claiming they've just invented something that's been around since TNG.

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@polychrome i think the idea is that they're explicitly enby/trans characters played by explicitly enby/trans actors, instead of just being written as metaphors for such in a way that's just not explicit enough to get banned by rick berman

@devurandom @polychrome it's a nice next step. I guess headlines aren't built for subtlety. There's been a few gender focused stories too, like "Cogenitor" with the planet that had three genders. Even so it will be great to have characters more prominent.

@devurandom well, I guess... tho personally I always perceived Dax as either gender fluid or "above gender" - it wasn't only obvious to me but I also took her as somewhat of a role model.

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