@polychrome There's a joke in Futurama about how tiny cell phones are getting that seems very opposite-of-reality these days.

@noelle nobody expected that joke to get dated so fast.

@polychrome @noelle who knows, maybe the trend will reverse again? back when futurama was new cellphones were getting ridiculously small and the funny observation was older people constantly moving the phone between their ear and their mouth so that the other person could hear them.

@fluffy @polychrome @noelle There are the Unihertz and Palm phones. Though I doubt they'll go beyond the niche they're in since most UIs expect way larger screens.

@Asimech @polychrome @noelle Oh, I hadn't seen unihertz before! But yeah those are smol phones but they're also distinct outliers.

@Jessica I like phones that fit in my (small) pockets tho~

... and a touchscreen that I can use with one hand can't hurt.

@polychrome well the screen is so long that it makes the phone feel deceptively small.
@polychrome my S20 is about 6.2 inches but it's about the size of a regular iphone 6. and not to mention that samsung makes a single handed mode that brings the screen down to the corner.

@Jessica I still feel the sheer size when I sit down with it in my pocket c-c

@polychrome its not a good idea to put the phone in your back pocket

@Jessica girl pants don't have other pockets.

I may have to make a thigh holster.

@polychrome it's the opposite for me, I only have front pockets because I wear cheap pants lmao
@polychrome Having a taller phone is also very nice because it's nice having all that scrolling area. and watching ultrawide movies is nice, and some games also take advantage of it.
my phone is capable of playing gamecube games, so i've been playing gamecube on my phone, and the controls are offscreen, or i could stretch out the game using the widescreen hack built into dolphin

@Jessica yeah this is really not suitable for my use case - I rarely use my phone for videos longer than a meme clip someone sent me and most of the video media I do watch are 4:3 TV episodes from the 70's - 90's. I play games on my ODroid Go Advance.

@polychrome my phone has something stupid like a snapdragon 835 and 12 GB of ram so I'd be stupid not to play games on my phone, I just use a controller with it.

@Jessica I've got about the same specs with a Snapdragon 845. I don't think it's stupid to not use all that power - I just don't feel obligated when I am already in my comf zone :3

@polychrome I'm not saying you don't have to, but that's what I'm thinking personally about the way i use my phone.
I have a $1k phone, so for me, it'd be a waste if i didn't use it to play games on the go
I have an 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ with the phone attachment and it's super comf for me
@polychrome seriously, it's basically iphone 6 size. my old phone is 5.7 inches and feels bigger because it has bezels. they're the same size. I think the bigger phones stem from taking away the bezels.
@polychrome the samsung galaxy s20 ultra is almost 7 inches. 7 inches is small tablet territory. but they get away with it by making the phone longer and taking the bezels away and putting a small notch. Honestly the holepunch notch is way more stunning than an iphone cutaway. I also wish the iphone notch was smaller, because samsung gets away with having a small notch because there's a hidden earpiece in the top, and there's only just the camera, the fingerprint sensor is inside the screen, so no need for FaceID, no need for rear/side fingerprints. and they use the more secure and more elegant ultrasonic sensor that doesn't even require the screen's light to work and it's less noticeable as well.

@polychrome I have considered getting one of those prison butt-phones as a keychain trinket, for emergency use.

@polychrome that latter one is what @AndrewWDP sees when i use my normal sized phone lmao

@polychrome Actually, the "then" should be this. So when it comes to size, it didn't change that much. 😂

@polychrome both are equally ridiculous. When phone manufacturers run out of ideas for how to make things better, they just make things different so that people keep buying.

@will__ I'm perfectly fine with that when the difference is neat.

The Nokia 8110 was neat and so was the Motorola StarTAC.

@polychrome I sort-of do have an issue with recklessly wasting resources on a massive scale. I know they do this to make money, but that's a failure of our economic system, it's not actually a good thing. It's also too large scale for me to think "each to his own".

@polychrome The next step would be a VR phone which sticks to your face all day, just to make you more addictive.

@st3r3otype her Artemis Bow (4th power) can be ridiculously powerful actually, with the right mods. It can surprise people.

It's also a weapon that you can sneak into restricted armament weapons.

@polychrome It's funny that we've made 6+ inch phones the norm while the Galaxy Mega was considered gigantic when it came out in 2013 with a 6.3 inch screen (later 5.8 in).
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