The internet: A global, borderless world of its own where you have to keep explaining to people that you're not an American.

@greatjoe how am I an "international" on a global computer network? :blobsmilesweat:

@koyu I very agree with this but I don't see the context :blobthinkingeyes:

Is it people who talk about freedom of speech in a US context to people who aren't in the US?

@polychrome yes. the us is kind of odd with free speech (and the first amendment gets misunderstood too often on the internet). it's about me having to exlain to us people that this is not a free speech zone.

@polychrome I love to explain that eastern standard time means I'm in Sydney, not New York.

@polychrome Let me just say that’s hard to explain, when I was born in the USA, and never moved out!

@zleap @polychrome the best way to understand the difference is to consider the fact that reddit has an r/politics and an r/worldpolitics subreddit and they're both still about America.

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