Internet at risk again (US pol) 

Saw all those reports about Trump taking aim at 'social media companies' so I took a look at what he's pushing to be amended:

This isn't "social media companies", or "businesses", it's *everything*. Every website every forum every Fedi instance, every FTP server and gopher hole. Absolutely everything.

I severely doubt they'll go ahead and change/revoke this because it'll make all forms of accessible servers liable for whatever snippets of media is on them as if the server owner themselves has authored them.

What's odd is how the media keeps focusing on the 'social network' aspect and not noticing the magnitude of what we're talking about. You'd think they'd notice. :blobthinking:

Full legal text:

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of—


any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, ..."

i can't see any way this won't be used to defend the endless persecution of queers and reproductive rights and civil rights advocates

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@flowerenby @polychrome this is _already_ law of the land, thanks to SESTA/FOSTA.

re: Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@millenomi @flowerenby @polychrome

I referenced this earlier today... there is accepted precedent.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome The media are some combination of lazy and complicit. Adding context to the conversation is hard and doesn't bring in more $$ so why bother. Plus if all those pesky independent websites are forced to shut down then, all the better for the big media companies.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@corey except this is aiming at everyone, including big media companies so... 🤷

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome The exec branch can't outright overturn the law - but what they can do is issue regulations and selectively enforce. As long as the media corps think they will be on the exec branch's good side when they decide to go after whoever they want to go after, they're not going to do anything.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome ho boy the fact that so many people are backing this under the assumption that Trump is a savior of Free Speech is


the plan itself from a government angle is also pretty goofy, like "we don't like your moderation of this content, so you're losing all your 230 protections, forcing you to moderate even harder and crack down on anything that could even potentially be something you don't want tied to you as publisher"

all this because Trump doesn't like getting fact-checked in public (which wouldn't even be affected by this because access to the tweet hasn't been restricted)

imagine if this passed and lead to Trumps tweets not just being fact-checked, but outright removed because Twitter would then be responsible for everything he says on the site

imagine trump just getting banned from twitter because they don't want to be his online "publisher"

(source for excerpt:

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

they're focusing on social media because that's the only thing 90% of their readers care about

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome Yet another reason to avoid the usa. I share a couple of physical borders with it and I've avoided those for decades now.
I moved any hosting about one decade ago.
I feel sorry for the normal people who still live there.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome Yeah the little man in the WH didn't like that twitter "censored" his message by adding a link at the bottom of it.

People who use social medias to spread propaganda under the umbrella of free speech still cannot compute that free speech doesn't imply access to a captive audience, exposure, or the infrastructure to do so.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome In a way I wonder if this was a 4D chess move from twitter to leave him be for such a long time.

It is probably far too late for him, so close to elections, to migrate on a different social media without losing a sizeable chunk of his audience.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome I just remembered this old French case, I can't find a translated version of it:

Back then French legal system considered hosting providers to be responsible for what they host, but I'm not sure how the law evolved.

Internet at risk again (US pol) 

@polychrome Pretty happy the Tulsa instance is in France right about now.

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