Did you know that the original DOS version of had support for a triple monitor mode? This allowed you to run the game with three monitors with two set at an angle to create a full surround "" feel.

ChocolateDoom has recreated this mode:

Here's two gameplay videos I've found:

- Doom 2 MAP01:

- A custom WAD:

@polychrome I tried this once in the PC labs, but it was very awkward. High FOV in Quake was a massive advantage, of course, and later new Doom engines.

@mdhughes what was the most awkward part? The angle on the monitors?

@polychrome Setting up 3 PCs, getting them assigned their side, and having 3 big CRT monitors on a normal flat desk. Be easier on custom risers and LCDs like we have now.

@mdhughes @polychrome

LCDs also don't have giant magnets in them for sweeing cathode rays across a mesh, which get all funky and misaligned when you put three or more of them together and not enough shielding between them. :P

@lyliawisteria @mdhughes my speakers used to cause the best geometry shifts on my screen :blobowo:

@polychrome I also remember it taking three computers to run it in 3 monitor mode.

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