Donna Jackson is the longest lasting employee at iD Software.

She was hired as an office caretaker during the production of Wolfenstein 3D when the guys realized they can't keep their office in any reasonable shape. She was quickly nicknamed "iD Mom" as she took care of organizing what initially looked more like a teenager's living space instead of an office.

During her time at iD she also acquired experience in game design and playtesting. She still runs the iD Software office today and is the first person to greet you at the lobby.

Bobby Prince named 's E3M2 BGM "Donna to the Rescue" after her:

@polychrome Such a heartwarming story while ripping and tearing through Doom Eternal. Its good to see that at least some companies are still like that..
Also, now that you mention that name... I think there is a book on the Doom Fort refrencing her. Ill see if I can get a screen of it when i get back to it.

@polychrome i interviewed at id in 2010 and she was right there at the front desk when i walked in. didn't meet Carmack that day but that was fine. i'd met the legend.

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