Pixel source versus how it actually looked like on an arcade, television and early home computer CRTs.

90's PC displays had sharper pixels but still had a mild anti-aliasing effect that should not be ignored in emulation.

Note how the CRT hardware anti-aliasing effect creates the detail of a face on the skeleton's shield, where as the source looks like an incoherent blob of pixels - this was because the artist purposely designed the sprites for the final CRT render.

@felix left is CRT, right is source. (I mention this in the image alt-text)

@polychrome Not everything has that amount of sub pixel detail too.

@gudenau yup this is a good case of someone knowing what they're doing. But the anti-aliasing was always there, so disregarding that will always be inaccurate 🤷‍♀️

@snailerotica oh you're asking about the game source - The Famicom version of Wizardry (1987).

@polychrome @snailerotica As tumblr is no longer accessable without giving away privacy things, I am unable to say whether this is the original text and photos that I read about a year ago in a very well written article... I _hope_ so, if not - i.e. there are only photos, no text - then there's a pdf or something out there somewhere (that I can no longer find ): ) that covers this in depth.

It really is excellent reading (and study) and should be looked at by anyone doing pixel work - or computer art in general, really.

(Yes, I know, "well 3d you don't need that" sometimes you want that anyway, and understanding how color mixing was done will help to avoid such horrific disasters as most upscalers (since those are written by folks who DON'T understand this.)

@Truck @snailerotica I've been using Tumblr with either Private Mode or Tor pretty okay so, not too concerned.

@polychrome @snailerotica Sadly, that's not working at all for me, so it's blocked - which annoys me to no end (especially since I _should_ be able to bypass all of this, but - well quite frankly, it'll probably require some fiddling with scripting and so on and NOT using a browser. Who knows - all I know is that this is the type of thing we're going to see more and more of in the years to come, and it upsets me greatly.

(The main issue is the required account, and the various things they're doing to be 100% sure they get cookies and tracking on your device, which I am absolutely not allowing, nor am I going to create an account.)

Oh well, I did see it once, and silly me, I should have archived it then. ):

@Truck @snailerotica huh, I never had an account there and didn't really feel the need for one. I guess its to access your faved posts?

@polychrome @Truck @snailerotica If a tumblr blog somehow is flagged as adult or mature or whatever, it 100% is hidden behind login, and many newer blogs are inaccessible even without that qualifier.

@siina @snailerotica @Truck I thought they just wipe them now because adult is no longer welcome?

@polychrome @snailerotica I don't know - it's just required to see _anything_ here. Maybe because I'm in Europe and therefore "must comply with GDPR by forcing the user to create an account and consent to data collection."

I see the "Before you continue" page which showed up when Oath/Verizon came about, and it just will not move past "accept." In both private and non-private; non-private has fullblown anti-tracking (which is why, I am sure, this is not working.) Private has only-firefox-bog-standard-tracking-prevention.

(and we are completely off topic, sorry for derailing.)

I'll get that content again someday - it was fascinating and I am happy more people have been able to see it after you posted it. Just wish I could again (:

@Truck @snailerotica wait.. if you're detected as being in Europe you *must* consent to being tracked to access Tumblr? That's a GDPR violation. You're supposed to be allowed to opt out and access the site without being tracked once you decline.

@polychrome @Truck @snailerotica there's an options menu that allows you to remove "nonessential trackers" iirc

@alexandria @snailerotica @polychrome Yes. There is. It has a "Concent to all" button that doesn't work, and links to google, etc (all their ad network partners) etc etc etc - but none of those links have any way of informing the site _without setting a tracking cookie_ and that isn't happening.

Bottom line: it's blocked for me until I do some serious work to get around it, and up til now, there hasn't been a reason to. Probably isn't one now either - HOPEFULLY there will be a book or similar published by that individual (or group) covering the subject, and I'll happily support that by buying it.

@alexandria @snailerotica @polychrome Have tried, but the various archiveteam things there don't seem to have hit this one.

(Possibly because, ironically, it is NOT pr0n.)

@polychrome I believe most companies outside of Europe are playing the "continue doing whatever, they're not going to come after us, and if they do, we have lawyers" game.

(I just realized we're probably destroying snailerotica's timeline... again, I seem to have derailed this conversation very, very badly. Sort of what I do by accident, as you probably noticed, from some of our conversations.)

(And yes, we have whole areas of our work that deal with GDPR things, and it's very complicated, and I understand why some places in the US are defaulting to "Ok, you're in Europe, we... we're just gonna block you outright because our entire site is built in such a way that we just plain can't remove all the tracking and stuff, plus that makes us money, so... yeah, you're not getting in." I understand WHY. I don't _AGREE_ with it, being one of those people who remembers when the "information is free on the internet" was a general truth.)

@polychrome This is why we spend so much time rebuilding thirty or forty year old monitors at work, rather than just whacking an LCD in the cabinet and calling it a day.

@polychrome This is why I always, ALWAYS test on CRT hardware, be it a TV or monitor!

THANK YOU for sharing this! It illustrates the point beautifully!

@polychrome One of the things I'm really enjoying on my eink devices is that all of the pixels are blobular again.

@polychrome fun fact: sometimes pixels would be sent at a higher resolution than the chroma signals bandwidth, causing extra colors to appear that aren't supported by the video hardware

this is how 8088 MPH achieves the "1K colors on CGA":

@polychrome The bottom left one looks MUCH better compared to it on the right. You could even argue it has intentional texture on the clothes going there.

@polychrome reminds me of the thing about the waterfalls in sonic that look terrible on emulators and lcd screens but gorgeous on crt.

@polychrome Too bad the 'Retro Pixel-Art' game developers will never take any of this into consideration.

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