Have any of you tried to restrict a section of your homepage that contains real life information to IP address ranges limited to your own country?

e.g. for things like your resume. :blobthinking:

My idea is to present a generic page for global and search engines and more details to someone coming from my local geo-ip.

(I don't see this as good security, just a helpful sanitation effort)

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@Canageek I'm fine with my public posts getting boosted.


@polychrome Cool, I can never recall who is and who just wants followers and local timeline to see it.

A disable boosts but public option would be nice

@polychrome Geo-IP is very unreliable (specially depending on the sources, some are quite accurate some are completely wrong), specially when a proxy/VPN/… or corporate connection is going to be used. And I'm not really sure it works well for the resume use-case as a lot of recruiters probably go a lot by search engines.

I personally go by: generic info on public, hard-to-guess URL (timestamp+organisation name) for more private stuff.

@lanodan it's good in my case because I avoid recruiters. :blobthinking:

@polychrome If running apache an htaccess file can be used to redirect, or rewrite based on an ip address or range.

@lordbowlich @polychrome cloudflare et Al do it for you if you create a rule, either automatically or by setting a header variable

@polychrome No because I respect people using VPNs or Tor and bad geo-ip

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