This screenshot taken from an America On-Line tutorial VHS tape lists what I think are AOL forum boards (never used AOL myself) and I just realized the names are very worthy:

The Space Shuttle
Carrier Fortress at Sea
The Promised Land
The Know Zone

I half expect a phone number and a blurb about how much disk space they have right next to each name. :thinkhappy:

@polychrome That's what they descended from. Wouldn't be surprised if there were actual BBSs with those names, and these were the AOL-ified versions.

@bamfic missing the awesome ANSI graphics unfortunately

@polychrome They were. I used to hang out in Cyberspace when I was hacking around with my Powerglove.

I hated parallel port programming.

@seven @polychrome Not too proud to admit I had an AOL account once. I never expected to see that chatroom anywhere else, though. Friggin' decades.

@drwho how far did you get with it? :blobcatsurprised: Did you get the spatial orientation working with the ultrasonic sensors or the flex sensors on the fingers?

@polychrome I got all of that working. Leandra just didn't have the processing power to do it right. 80386dx40. I had a frame rate of like 3.

@thegibson @polychrome Still lots of fun. But parallel port programming in DOS. :(

@polychrome These names remind me...

even the lame then were way cooler than the cool of now.

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