πŸšͺ :blobcat:​ :blobowo:​
-"No kitty, there's a storm outside."

πŸšͺ :blobcattilt:​ :blobnervous:​
-*meowww~ ;.;*
-"It's raining hard you're gonna hate it."

πŸšͺ :blobmiou:​ :blobtired:​
-*mewww~ T-T*
-"Ugh FINE. Just go."

πŸšͺ :blobglare:​

πŸšͺ :blobcatsurprised:​ :blobglare:​
-"Yeah. I know. It's raining."

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@polychrome "It was raining 10 minutes ago, but maybe it's not raining now! I should go tell human about this!"

@polychrome Thanks, I wasn't even aware of this artform until now.

@JordiGH I suspect I started it on my own tbh - I haven't seen others do this before.

Sadly most of them are buried deep in my timeline with no hashtag, I'll have to script something to dig them up so I can tag them.

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