@sdf modern things we take for granted: clock seeded random number generators.

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@polychrome @SDF Just reading through the TSS/8 manual right now. Put a RANDOMIZE statement as the first statement in your BASIC program and that problem should be fixed.

@ethicsperoxide @sdf @anna @balglaas oh interesting - the BASIC-8 manual says in Appendix E.9 that RANDOMIZE is not implemented, but it works!

This manual must be for a different version.

GUESS.BAS now has a properly seeded RNG. Thanks! :blobcat:

@sdf @ethicsperoxide @anna @balglaas thanks! I've been using LOGOUT, hope that works just as well :blobthinking:

@polychrome @SDF Depending on the BASIC, start with
randomize val(left$(time$,2)+mid$(time$,4,2)+right$(time$,2))
(NB untested)

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