- Sending your searches to Facebook.
- Sending your watched videos and usage time to Appsflyer partners.
- Fingerprints the hardware of the person watching the shared video on both web browser and mobile app using canvas leak and audio API.
- Embeds sharer ID into shared video URLs, hides it via URL shortening.
- And more!

Since they do not ask for consent they're in violation of multiple EU privacy laws. :blobcatsip:

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@ivesen they'll probably resolve it with a "We're tracking you to let you use this website. [Ok, got it!]" button.

Which won't mean a thing since the GDPR requires more granular and explicit permissions but so far nobody's getting dragged to court over this as far as I know.

@polychrome my company has actually blacklisted this app, so it cannot be installed on employees phones.

@polychrome Ohne Tiktok ist das Leben auch schön. / Without Tiktok, life is beautiful, too.

Surveillance capitalism, tiktok 

@polychrome Don't forget: Tiktok's main growth market now is the PRC, so all of these antifeatures are probably by design to appease them and they just get away with it in the international product by saying "well, we wouldn't want to tick off the *PRC* now would we"
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