Twitter is going to purge inactive users who haven't logged in the past 6 months on 11 December.

I know most of you don't use Twitter or moved on but if you have an inactive account that you don't want deleted, just peek in and peek out. That'll do it.

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@polychrome Hm. For disk space, or for cracking credentials leading to a spam problem?

@gaditb @polychrome

I'd say disk space of an abandoned account is meaningless to Twitter. Their explicitly claimed reason is that it's because inactive accounts can't agree to updated TOU agreements and it simplifies their legal situation to just get rid of them, which does indeed sound like a pretty realistic reason to me.

I expect there also is indeed a side of the hijacked account problem, and a light dash of freeing the @ handles for new signups.

@Nentuaby @polychrome AAH, freeing the @-handles, that's a good one.

Part of my thinking was, why not lock them instead?

@polychrome twitter already deleted most of my alts for trying to defend someone from a racist mob. fun fact: once they’ve flipped *that* switch you need a unoque valid phone number for each account in order to keep it. (not sure what they’re keying from to connect the alts all to one person but they surely did)

@polychrome Eh, saves me the faff of manually deleting my remaining alts.

Thanks for that heads up! I see that they've backtracked a bit but it will still happen.
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