Tried to watch a tutorial video but some guy's face was all over it - so I Winamp'd him.


@polychrome @f0x aw he's good guy too, although i've always wondered why he puts his face in it...

@LottieVixen @polychrome @f0x I think it's supposed to make the videos more engaging to people?
I remember a procedural city tutorial he did where to fill out the time while he was doing some repetitive stuff he just talked about something that happened to him. So the face-cam seems consistent with his character.
Maybe someone should just tell him faces/eye contact bothers some people.

@grainloom @LottieVixen @f0x in my case, I am very sensitive to motion and presence of people and seeing someone's face in the corner makes me focus on his face instead of the UI I am here to study. It makes it very difficult to take in what he's trying to convey.

@polychrome @grainloom @f0x that makes sense and also sucks....i've mentioned this before but streaming/recording stuff would be nice if it had channels you could chose to view or not

(see massive overlays on people streaming stuff on twitch)

@polychrome @grainloom @f0x it came about by I really watched to watch someone's stream, after it was live.

but the overlay was horrible.

Example from

@polychrome @grainloom @f0x having streams for the overlay which could perhaps have a size set for live, and then custom/removable watching it after, would solve the "I want donators to feel engaged" and "i dont wanna see this when i just want gameplay"

@LottieVixen @grainloom @f0x it could be that the assumption is that the audience isn't there for the gameplay, and they might be right.

@LottieVixen @polychrome @grainloom the easiest would be OBS supporting different views for streaming and recording. Letting the client choose would greatly increase the needed bandwith (multiple canvases with bigger surface than just one 1920x1080)

@f0x @polychrome @grainloom yeah this is a thing I've thought about, it'd be tough to do.

@f0x @LottieVixen @grainloom is it really that much larger when most of the canvas is a transparent layer with nothing on it? :blobcatthinking2:

@polychrome @LottieVixen @grainloom well you can tetris them all on a big stream, of have different videos all minimally sized to their contents, but it'd still be a lot more surface than one composited 1080p.
As long as the streamer's internet is fast enough though, you could handle the stream selection + compositing on the server

blender the tutorial ?
he looks like to take drug 😃

@polychrome @f0x

**clears throat**

"So you gave him a taste of the llama's ass, I see?"

**/me takes a bow and a tomato to the face.**

Writing documentation this morning, which obviously I hate doing (I do work in IT after all) but needs must.

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