Fewer than 3% of Firefox users have enabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Most people don't change defaults but it's such a quick switch for a big speed boost, a much less intrusive and much less distracting web. Here's how markosaric.com/firefox/


@markosaric what's the difference if I'm already using uBlock Origin? :blobcatthinking2:

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@polychrome not much really. ublock origin more advanced and can block stuff this doesn't but this is more newbie friendly option

@markosaric @polychrome what do "fingerprinters" do? is it just for literal fingerprinting stuff on some phones or is it about checking the particulars of the browsing machine?

@carcinopithecus @polychrome i believe it's a way to track you using your computer/browser details such as fonts installed etc. can see more than 60 fingerprinting attempts have been blocked by firefox for me in couple of weeks

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