Native Lua in web browsers when

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as a javascript replacement?
i hope never. i hate lua

as extension language? there are some already
@polychrome @kura 1-indexed arrays and ugly syntax
as a lightweight scripting language i'd prefer scheme

@tuxcrafting @kura I want something that doesn't keep changing on me and features coroutines instead of async callbacks.

@tuxcrafting @polychrome @kura yeah, but 90% of people can't even stand trying looking into it because of parentheses. Sorry but it's the truth, it would never reach mainstream because of it.

@polychrome @tuxcrafting @kura now that javascript has proper map, it’s a mere syntax transform away from lua.

@polychrome otherwise if you feel brave you could try compiling lua to wasm


I've just realized that #JavaScript shit-ness has been an important factor turning the #Web to a weapon.

#Developers dream of a better language instead of asking themselves "Why the hell should strangers accept to execute my code just to read a text?"

@zensaiyuki @tuxcrafting @kura

@Shamar @polychrome @zensaiyuki @tuxcrafting @kura @vascorsd @eater @greatjoe

Because everyone who makes websites appears to hate two things with a passion:

* Page refreshs.
* That it's a website and feels like one.

who the heck are you and what are you doing in my mentions?

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