PayPal stops processing payments for Pornhub models.

One likely theory is that it's to comply with FOSTA-SESTA ( )

Also likely is that PayPal, a private company, just finds sex offensive - which is a problem considering their position in the global economy.

@polychrome Because I didn't already have enough reasons not to use paypal. Ugh.

@lonnon we're still using PayPal for the same reason we're still using SecondLife: There's no real alternative. 🤷

@polychrome it's worth saying that paypal already does this with sex workers a lot, since before fosta-sesta. they've always had sexual content as against their TOS, it's just a matter of it sliding under the radar enough to not be noticeable (or convenient to ignore for money's sake.) this is bad, nevertheless, but we just wanna get across that it's been this bad and this is just a higher profile case.

@polychrome It's not just their position, it's the fact that any new actor in the payment business is gonna have to follow the rules established by the others.

I still would like to know which of them specifically started this dance but they all claim they aren't responsible.

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