"Vice Magazine ... claimed a written agreement with a Mainland Chinese woman barring discussion of her sexual orientation and relationships was not “legally binding” so therefore could be ignored"

Holy shit, .

@polychrome Vice: Founded by the Proud Boys, with the same level of sensitivity and integrity.

@polychrome Vice once sent an undercover reporter to a polyday just to write some kind of gross "look at these freaks" article about us and posted identifying information about the attendees.

Not on the same scale,
obviously, but this was, what, nearly 10 years ago now? Vice has always been trash and I don't know why people keep giving them clicks.

@xmakina that actually makes me very uneasy because first off, I'm obviously a poly (not just by name :p ) and secondly, holy shit.

@polychrome Vice will stab you in the back and leave you to bleed to death and then write about how horrible it is.

Vice reporters are misogynistic opportunists who are below jackals. Even fox news have more integrity and openness compared to them.

Fuck vice, fuck vice and fuck vice.



My grandma was a butcher and when toughs came to our little stall demanding protection money she chased them off with a cleaver- then came back and showed me how to swing it properly so I’d know when the stall was mine (slices not chops or it gets stuck in bone and you lose your weapon).


That’s a good grandma!!! Love her.

@polychrome Haven't even read the post (Vice are scum, might be news to the Chinese, not to me), but holy shit I love the preface
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