Stone carvings might be low capacity but they're still the longest lasting data storage medium.

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@polychrome look upon my floppy disk collection, ye mighty, and despair

@polychrome I recently wrote a little piece in German in my blog about clay tablets, wondering what kind of stories we would like our descents to know about us in a few thousand years: what would be interesting and relevant enough for them to keep copying? What would be short enough to fit on clay tablets? And if you have an idea: are going to join me in actually doing it? It’s on my todo-in-the-next-few-years list.

@kensanata I've been thinking a lot about ways to store knowledge for future civilisations and so far other then stone carvings, clay tablets, and stainless steel models the "Kryptonian Crystals" might be the way to go for high density data.

There's also Millennium Discs but these only last for around a thousand years.

Cryptonian crystals it is, then.

*jots down notes for his post post apocalyptic novel 😁*

I think the main reason why clay tablets from Mesopotamia are such a good sourxe of information is that they contain random notes people made on a daily basis, as oppsed to watever propaganda some wealthy leader thought is worth engraving in stone. IOW, the very fact that you ask yotself the question "what do I want to preserve" decreases the historical value of whatever you preserve.

@Wolf480pl @kensanata you wouldn't ask yourself this question if you just dump into a long term storage device and put it in a cave :blobowo:

@Wolf480pl Also clay Tablets are the only medium that doesn’t mind a library on fire, I fear. @polychrome

First of all, picture dictionaries and children's stories to learn to read.

You don't want the future civilization to wait 3920 years to be able to decode said tablets, do you?


@rick_777 @polychrome true that! Also stories about Gilgamesh because in the far future, philosophy is more important than the integrated circuits of the SID chip and whatnot.

If I were to write stone tablets, they would be about the survival of our species.

I would address issues such as superstition and religion, science, skepticism, capitalism, and also scientific facts starting with the sun, earth and the stars, weather and climate, agriculture, crop rotation, the dangers of pesticides and fossil fuels, hygiene, and so on.

And of course, I would dedicate a book to chemistry and another @polychrome - 1/4

to biology.

The periodic table of elements would be essential, as well as the description of minerals and which elements they contain, and how to isolate certain elements and molecules.

Then, life: How the alphabet of life was discovered, and how living beings all have the same inner workings. How bacteria and viruses cause diseases, and how they can be countered.

Then, medicine. Anatomy, and dentistry.

Which leads us to metallurgy. Steel @kensanata @polychrome - 2/4

tools are very much needed for surgeries and manufacturing.

In short, we need a manual to reboot civilization from scratch, starting with the simple and arriving to the complex.

And maybe, maybe... we would require people to arrive to certain technology to be able to discover the next. For example, only with a microscope you'd be able to read the book of genetics, and how you'd require a small electric circuit to access the book of @kensanata @polychrome - 3/4

@rick_777 @polychrome @kensanata "I don't like this civilisation reboot... It's all just special effects!" 😋

@rick_777 It sounds like the seed for a cool science fiction or alternative history story. Or perhaps von Däniken would say that it’s our actual history and we simply failed to decode the messages from the pre-history astronauts! 😳 wasn’t there a website dedicated to have plans for rebuilding our civilization as far as possible from scratch including tech for farming? That’s the part I half remember seeing.

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@kensanata @rick_777 @polychrome Have you played "Horizon: Zero Dawn"? I can recommend it. It plays in the future, after civilization has ended and started from scratch. #ps4

Oh I seriously recommend it. However there are no stone tablets to discover, as ALL information has been lost to time for mysterious reasons. So it's up to you to discover what happened to the old world and why civilization collapsed. It's a wild ride.
@sindastra @polychrome

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