So now that WhatsApp is suddenly no longer secure after it turned out NSO has been creeping around on it and eavesdropping on people, there's talk about switching to a secure IM platform.

And obviously the talk is strictly focused on Signal. Or in other words, switching from one corporate owned communication platform to another corporate owned communication platform.

FOSS alternatives seriously needs more advertising.

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@polychrome FOSS is so often the realm of dorks in ivory towers who don't think the common man deserves computers, or even basic safety.

@greatjoe not everyone. Riot is trying to reach the common person.

Just, not very well. :think_unamused:

@polychrome Alright, but I don't need internet to use Signal.

@greatjoe ohh that. No, I'm talking about internet based IMs.

e.g. the reason WhatsApp caught up in here like wildfire is because "it's free SMS!"

@greatjoe @polychrome Gigantic time-out-wait-what... Last time I tried using Signal it would not work without a data connection, and if I allowed it to register itself as my SMS handler it would not even allow me to send or receive plain SMS with non-Signal-users unless data connection was active. Can you confirm it is handling the crypto encapsulated SMS, and its out of band checks for whether the destination number is a Signal user, over SMS itself rather than over the data connection?

@feonixrift Most of the people I send SMSes to aren't on Signal, and I usually fall back to SMS when there's no wifi. I've never had a problem using Signal this way.

@greatjoe @polychrome Nowadays it's either encrypted over data, or insecure SMS. Secure SMS is not supported in Signal any more.

@polychrome I've got lots of contacts on Signal, and a scattering on XMPP (Conversations) and Matrix (Riot). In my experience, it's easiest to get people onto Signal because it provides a very smooth transition from SMS, especially on Android.

@gcupc that's true, most FOSS options go for the technical side (which is good) but have very little investment on the UX side (which is not so good).

Conversations is the closest it gets to UX investment - though I'm not a fan of them discarding features like contact list presence indicators.

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