Microsoft has removed the ability to create an offline account on new Windows 10 installs unless your PC is offline. Disconnect your network / modem before installing Windows 10.

Another option is to keep trying to create the MS account with a fake phone number until it gives up and lets you create a local offline account.

Bonus tip - if you don't want to set security questions when creating an offline account: create one without a password and then set the password via the control panel after logging in.

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@polychrome or, if it's a possibility, consider not using a proprietary OS as they'll always be against your own interests

@lumi that's an absolutely wonderful option for people who don't need to use CAD tools that exists exclusively on Windows and misbehave on both standard Wine and Proton :blobcat:

@lumi @polychrome and games and DAWs and software required by many colleges and companies...

@effyn @polychrome Microsoft has a lot of us by our metaphorical cherries

even people who don't even use Windows...

@lumi @effyn @polychrome and many USA government forms, like for disability and food stamps, require an IE browser.

Zero tech support for FF/Chrome, most of the time.

@eryn @lumi @effyn that's those organization's fault - even Microsoft doesn't want to continue supporting IE anymore.

@polychrome @lumi I say hockey-pockey by and large to that argument. Mostly because most of the people I know who make that argument also use proprietary OS on their personal computers.

To each his own, but I buy it not when someone gives the argument they need it for work but use it on their personal machines, too.

@zigg @polychrome Microsoft as a company suffered the Millennium Bug a bit late, didn't they?

@polychrome question: is there a way to create a local account by saying that i want to use it for corperate purposes at setup? this option always offered me to create a local account

@koyu I'd say most likely because you don't want to mess with business and enterprise customers, but it's hard to tell with Microsoft nowadays.

@polychrome i mean i always said that microsoft is going to be an issue to govs and businesses anytime soon. tbh microsoft can screw up the whole european, american, australian and asian economy with a single click (except the countries using linux, because you could patch out malicious functionality if you choose to).

@polychrome i haven't tested, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could do offline signup on a hacked activated LTSB version if you want to do that

@pea it's still possible to do an offline account - they're just being dicks and hiding it behind a dark pattern. Because dicks.

@pea @polychrome I presume it's SKU-dependant on whether or not they decide to hide the button. Enterprise and LTSB are the most likely to still get it.

This toot lacks additional information. Which Win10 build is affected? Where did you get the info from?

@polychrome Remember when we had functional antitrust agencies in the world and we sued MS over including Internet Explorer with Windows


This didn't happen last time I was installing Win10 (just a week ago), but for those in the UK there are entire series of valid formatted but unallocated fixed and mobile phone numbers which could be used (they are intended for use in TV and movies, Dr Who's mobile phone is one of these)

Or, quit running yourself ragged beating Windows 10 into submission and just get a Mac.

Perfect. Although it is questionable why someone is using an operating system with such opressive measures from the beginning.



@polychrome sounds like you can use the “Join a Domain” option to set up an offline account. But that's super shady and such a dark UX.

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