The most important lesson we can learn from Ghost in the Shell is to turn off your unused interfaces.

There's no reason to accept unexpected ad-hoc radio connections, parse every piece of barcode encoded data on your field of vision or process every audio data burst within earshot. That will get your cyberbrain hijacked.

An organized cyborg is a safe cyborg.

@polychrome I have this weird obsession of scanning every qr-code I come across ... 😓

@jfml keep using an external, sandboxed device and you'll be safe :blobowo:

@polychrome Bingo Total capture is a false idol and an opsec disaster.

@polychrome For real, friends who keep their blutooth, wifi, and mobile data on at all times worry me

@polychrome Also if you want to connect to a foreign computer you need a physical firewall.

@polychrome kinda unrelated but I recently rewatched the '95 movie and one of the first things that stood out is how it explicitly talks about diversity being important for a healthy society.

@grainloom I didn't really notice the social part, mostly the biological part.

@polychrome hmm. I guess, but it's not hard to make the connection.

@carcinopithecus [ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w][ctrl-w]


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