Things I liked about 80's/90's computing:
- Total control over my hardware
- Software that worked with me, not against me
- Superior aesthetics (yeah I said it :3 )
- Overall sense of promise and freedom

Things I like about computing today:
- Easy and open access to knowledge
- Insane amounts of storage
- The sheer computing POWERRRR

Now if only we could make these attributes come together instead of being period exclusive. :blobthinking:

@polychrome Also, 80s/90s computing was housed in transparent plastic. I got to see my technology and it made me feel closer to it.

@kelseyhusky wait, which machines were packed in transparent plastic? The ones I've had were all opaque plastic and metal :o

@wim_v12e @kelseyhusky ... this is 90's? I remember it as early 00's.


Huh. '98. I guess this counts. For me the late 90's were still a beige box kind of a world, with some black options.

@polychrome Yes, 1998. But you're right that this was probably where the trend (such as it was) started.


@kelseyhusky @wim_v12e okay now *that* is something I did have x3

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