~✿* My history with JavaScript *✿~

*JavaScript introduced to Netscape*
:blobowo: "This is cool"

*AJAX appears*
:blobuwu: "Yes, useful"

*Early 'port X to JS' experiments*
:blobowo: "Haha it's a fun experiment"

:blobthinkingeyes: ".. um"

*Production software moves to webapps*
:blobnervous: "Wait"

*Electron everywhere*
:blobtired: "Oh no"

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@polychrome >AJAX appears

Even back then I knew that someone's opened Pandora Box.

@polychrome this is my history with JavaScript too. It's an unfolding nightmare. I can't help thinking node.js is the product of lazy developers not wanting to learn any other languages.

@polychrome electron would be at least slightly less awful if it didn't have a separate installation for each program

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