Did you know that Brendan McCarthy, an artist and designer known for Judge Dredd, TMNT & Mad Max: Fury Road was the art director for ReBoot?

And did you know that Bad Bob - episode S02E04 of ReBoot - is cited as an early inspiration for Fury Road?

Well, I sure didn't! :ReBoot: :blobreach:

Also, as much as I love the old show I would have been so much happier if it looked more like these sketches because woah just look at this stuff :blobwoah:

(Scans taken from the Book, ISBN: 0976309572)

@polychrome this is amazing and my life is richer for knowing it. i hope it stays in my leaky brain

@polychrome also i take great solace in our shared difficulty with the word silhouette

@polychrome I think a lot of that was technological limitations but OMG. JUST IMAGINE.

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