5 years and $300 million in investor money later and IPFS is still not useable for website hosting.


Personally, I'm disappointed. Guess I'll start poking more at dat:// but I'm not happy with how it barely got any implementation outside the browser.

@polychrome IPFS, Dat, cjdns, …

All these nice ideas for decentralizing the web but nobody wants to use them.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not such a bad idea to write your reference implementation as a library with a C API and write some proper cross-platform tooling so people can actually use it. Not Node.js or Go. Jesus fucking christ.

So people with no c experience shouldn't work on distributed systems, or people with no c experience should write shoddy c to get adoption or are we just going with people with no c experience shouldn't program at all?


@iMartyn @lachs0r

You've created a flow chart:
1. No C experience, don't do it.
2. Obtain C experience.
3. Do it shoddily so someone will get mad and make a better one :blobcatinnocent:

@lachs0r @iMartyn
Making distributed systems is hard. If you can't make a C API, you're probably not even close to qualified.

@iMartyn @lachs0r @polychrome
I2P and Freenet also both suffer from being written in a language (Java) that doesn't like to interoperate. As such they've remained niche.

I think I2C may finally have an implementation with a C API at least.

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