🖥️ :blobowo: *launches game*

Game: "You must read and accept this end user license agreement to play the game."

🖥️ :blobthinkingglare: *sits and reads the whole darn thing*

*Clicks [Accept]*

🖥️ :blobnervous:
Game: "Error: Your session has timed out from the server."

They didn't figure anyone would actually sit down and read it 🤷

@mngrif @polychrome haha, the worst: if you restart the game, you see it again.

And you have no idea whether they'll present you with the same #EULA… So you have to read it all again and accept it afterwards… 😉

@mngrif @polychrome maybe that's actually the game though: read the EULA fast enough and then accept it. 🤔

@rugk @mngrif @polychrome Isn't it required by the laws to notify the customers prior to an upcoming EULA update?

@niconiconi @mngrif @polychrome Well… if you have not yet agreed on., it's not an EULA update, it's just a new EULA. You did not have anyone prior to that… 😉

@polychrome I have seen that with surveys too... and after the refeesh, the fields that I had alreafy filled in are empty.


You must read and accept the license agreement in 3...



... oh, so sad, you missed it. We really appreciate your effort, so try again tomorrow.

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