JavaScript isn't Java.

Samsung QLED isn't QLED.

Brand marketing :blobcatinnocent:

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@polychrome remember when the name JavaScript was chosen because it was intended to be a way to extend Java and so Sun promoted it as

@espectalll I thought it was chosen because Netscape thought it'll sell better with Java being super hot at the time.

@ilovecomputers @polychrome imagine if people told Sun now that JS was going to eat up the whole Java business and spawn even more rivalry (Electron, WebAssembly)


> Since QLEDs aren’t emissive, however, the LED backlight that illuminates the screen is on at all times, which means they struggle to deliver the same level of deep blacks as OLEDs

Well that sucks. :blobshrug:

@polychrome "QLED" is a meaningless term, they just chose that because it resembles "OLED"

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