The current run of disposable plastic drinking straws is bad for the usual eco reasons, but the alternatives aren't so great for other reasons:

- Ryegrass straws tend to turn to mush in your drink and make everything taste like grass.

- Paper straws are reportedly making everything taste like paper.

Looks like whatever the alternative will be it'll have to be low cost, durable, eco friendly and not leave an aftertaste. :think_unamused:

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@polychrome we went to a Mc Donalds for the first time in a while; paper straws and no napkins and yet they still have the disposable paper insert on the plastic trays...

I personally didn't have any issue with the paper straw, no noticeable difference in flavour and lasted longer than it took me to finish the meal and we were there for nearly 40 minutes.

@carbontwelve that's encouraging! I guess paper tech did improve since WWII :blobcheeky:

@polychrome to be fair to the detractors if you chew the tip of a paper straw then it will begin to unravel and I know some people have a preference to the mouth feel of plastic straws over paper.

I heard on the radio yesterday that the paper straw industry is surprisingly young, it's an area of materials science that has had little interest or investment up until the past few years.

@polychrome I was reading the other day that non plastic bags often take more resources than plastic, wouldn't be surprised if this is also the case for non plastic straws


tungsten. it will last all your life, and if it gets blocked, you can clear it with an oxyacetylene torch.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I like where this is going :owosneakythink:

Now if we could only make it bend..


uh... universal joint? there has to be a way to make that watertight.

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