@switchingsocial Have you seen the dialog in question to allow the 3rd party access? It's really simple. Why on earth would be Google motivated to mislead people to make them give access to their data to 3rd party. Sorry, but this is getting to insane conspiracy theory level.


Let me say that I appreciate @ondra courage to defend #Google on the #Fediverse.

We need more people with this courage to share minoritarian perspectives.

Actually, I often wonder how Google managers can sleep, met their friends, go to Church and so on... and then decide to manipulate people that way.
I'm not sure their salary explains it fully. They must find a sort moral justification for what they do.

But, TBH, I think it's evident @switchingsocial is simply right this time.


@ondra @switchingsocial @polychrome

The idea that a 3rd party could (even if really independent) find an infraction of people privacy in Google infrastructure is ridiculous.

Suppose they built an illegal profile of me: they just need to put it on a USB stick while the audit is ongoing.

Don't be naive.

What a company says in a T&C doesn't say much about what they do.

People SHOULD really read them (just like with software licenses) but they are really long and unreadable for a reason.

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