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@polychrome How come your page loads faster than mine, I keep adding JS optimizers which one do I add to make my page fast

The web was pure and innocent those days, like a toddler resting on its mother's breasts :blobcatmelt:

Thanks for bringing back good memories. *Sniff* :blobpats:


You know what would be a funny gimmick? A website that looks like a 90s site, with the gaudy GIFs, a star field background, a trailing mouse cursor, and a MIDI playing in the background.

But it's built with all modern tech: a static site built with a generator written in Go, with CSS3, including flexbox, VueJS, and continuous deployment when you commit to your master branch

@danjones you can achieve most of that theme by going with hosting at :blobcat:

@tsturm @polychrome Not 100% true since we had no cat pictures back then. Only very small GIFs. In dubious quality and content :D

I miss the time when the web was usable with a 56k modem. Nowadays, I am already screwed if I am in the countryside and only have EDGE available.

@_xhr_ @tsturm speak for yourself: I had a film camera and a hand scanner :blobcatinnocent:

@polychrome Oh, so you would be one of the cat picture pioneers of the Internet! 👍

@polychrome @_xhr_ @tsturm As someone who ran an early 90's BBS, I had a very large collection of very low-res cat pictures. That was the one part of my university homepage that anyone cared to visit.

@tfb @polychrome @tsturm Interesting, maybe I hang around in the wrong parts of the early Internet.

My first BBS and later Internet experience was mostly with Games, Cracks, Warez and Chat systems.

@_xhr_ @tfb @tsturm wares, games and MOD music was definitely a big part of it, but the ones I hanged at usually also had an image file area for all kind of (static) GIFs - sometimes even JPGs (rare).

My first post was a mock Geocities homepage, and the ones I used to visit really did used to have a lot of kitty cats :blobcatheart:

@polychrome @tfb @tsturm Ahh, Geocities. Home of my first "website". Mostly personal stuff and a fan page for the DOS game Archmedian Destiny (Scheichfahrt in Germany). And yes, it had some pictures :)

I still have the HTML source code of all my websites on one of my backup disks.

@_xhr_ @polychrome @tsturm
We had ACiD Baby and Crack Kitty as mascots for our BBS. Typical stupid Gen X irony proto-memes, but also cute kitten and cat pictures.

Our network connected all the way to Hamburg and Berlin; and Paris, Grenoble and Marseille. But come to think of it, I don't think the German nodes ever requested images.

@tfb @polychrome @tsturm Humor and funny pictures is not the Germans' strongest suit :D *scnr*

Sounding great, right up until Notepad. Surely, should have been done in ed.

@fitheach nope I used Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.

Which means half the time was notepad, other half was MS-DOS's Editor. :msdos:

I hadn't realised that was your real list. Are you still using them, in a VM, or something?

@fitheach nah, that age is over.

Though I use MS-DOS's Editor when doing retro stuff! Other times I default to Norton Commander's built in editor.

:crt_w_prompt: :blobreach:


Big Download! (3.9MB; Estimated 10 Minutes to Download)
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