MySpace has lost all music uploaded between 2003 and 2015.

There are no backups.


Don't trust cloud services. One day Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr will be gone too. YouTube will shut down, and so will Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

Always keep a local copy.

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wow that Reddit preview card picture came out of the blue :blobthinkingglare:

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@Codeawayhaley it may not always be an option but it's still something you should do if you can! I still use DVDs and SD cards.

@Codeawayhaley yeah my environment is pretty good on DVDs and such :blobowo: I can still read data from 15 years ago.

@chasefromm19 it became a popular spot to upload alternative music into before SoundCloud happened.

That's all gone now.

@polychrome well, i never really cared about myspace or soundcloud myself. as i see it, i use dropbox to mainly upload all of my music

@polychrome Other than storage costs, this probably saves them the pain of checking everything for copyright infringement and proper licensing...


With the news of myspace deleting all their music uploads, I am reminded of every local band from my home town who's music was only ever *available* via myspace.

For a five or six year stretch, that was it. You made some music and you put it on myspace and that was enough.

There were still artists who's myspace I would visit occasionally specifically so that I could hear those tunes. (and yeah, I figured out how to get them from myspace. I have copies of some stuff. But not all of it.)

@polychrome The absolute worst part of this is how they didn't tell ANYONE that they were dumping a bunch of content. Apparently not even their customer service team??

@InspectorCaracal I don't think they did it in purpose! ... or did I misunderstand it?

@polychrome if they didn't do it on purpose, they're trying to make it sound like they did, which is even worse. 😩

@polychrome that link is in the most recent post at the bottom of the reddit thread, btw, from 7 months ago

@polychrome Also applies to anything you post on Mastodon. If it's important, keep a copy.

@polychrome or they start some pro service which you can't or won't afford, like Flickr.

@polychrome The nice thing about Dropbox and OneDrive is you already have a local copy, or at least have the option that's pretty hard to miss and is infinitely more convenient than only using the web app.

@polychrome I wish facebook would accidentally lose my content -- but their business model is based on retaining everything they have on me to pawn that data to advertisers, so the initiative is very different than what happened with myspace.

@polychrome This is why it's frustrating that YouTube makes it so hard to save content to your local computer.

That video you love might be gone in six months and it's a pain to save your own backup.

@polychrome @zorinlynx

Yeah, I love youtube-dl!
Also, you can replace '' -part in any(?) link with '' , which also gives you many download options!

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