What the hell? The Manga release of Robotech: The Macross Saga seems to have closed captions encoded in the footage? o.O

(Yes, I know Harmony Gold is a disease, but I wasn't fucking aware when I originally bought the DVDs, okay?)

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And in an unsurprising twist VLC, despite claiming support, sucks at reading them altogether.

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@Jo I was tempted to get the DVDs when they were announced (before learning of the menace that is Harmony Gold)

I got a far as The Masters, but stopped because that particular season was just grating on me, largely because the character they turned into the daughter of two ace pilots from The Macross Saga was a woefully incompetent blunderfuck. >_<

@Jo fortunately I was a teenager who was too busy being blown away by seeing a 'cartoon' that actually approached adult topics like the futility of war and had relatively heavy scifi concepts to realize what a dumdum they turned "Dana Sterling" into.

Which is good because the next one where they were fighting the Invid was the best part of the show for me, after Macross - it felt like a D&D party adventure story, in the post-apoc alien invasion future!

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