Google is having an outage apparently affecting everything from GMail to Drive, Play, Music etc'.

Just a reminder that even a giant megacorporation with backups of backups of backups can have an accident.

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@polychrome I wish I still worked for my last company so I could slip this under the nose of senior management.

I'd be woken up at 3am to fix some software problem on some server that was holding up production, and all they'd say the next day is, "Outages are unacceptable."

Outages are going to happen, my dudes. And also, I wasn't part of our dev team and didn't make the faulty software, so stop blaming me when I fix it?

@polychrome "I wish I still worked for my last company [...]"

Hahahaha never thought I would ever type that!

@Lexi bookmark this for later because stupid managers and outages will keep happening across your career :blobmelt:

@polychrome Well, that explains why youtube videos weren’t playing on our tv earlier. It seems like they were doing some per-device load pinning, because other computers in the house had no trouble. :blobcatcoffee:

@polychrome I wonder if that's why the bus navigation app I use wasn't working right. That's the danger of an entire society relying on one corporation for so many things.

@sadie_bunny it's also how you can tell if Amazon's services are down - half the web goes down with it.

@polychrome One of the best lessons I ever learned while working at Amazon is this: I will fuck up. I will take every possible precaution in my setup and a typo will slip by three PR reviewers and the engineer executing the change, and I will bring something down.

The system will fail. The question isn't whether and when, but what happens afterwards.

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