User: "Give me administrator access and do the following..."

~The Difference~

Windows: *taps clipboard sternly*
"You can do this and that, but I'm going to have to stop you at some point."

Linux: *rolls sleeves, fires up chainsaw*
"Welp~ sure hope you know what you're doing BECAUSE HEEEERE WE GO :D"

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@remotenemesis @SetecAstronomy @polychrome

And of course, it's not 'til morning and a bunch of boosts (thanks!) that I realize it's really:

alias holdmybeer=sudo


@suetanvil @remotenemesis @SetecAstronomy @polychrome I jus assumed you had a script hold my beer that printed some fun stuff before running the command with sudo

se você nunca deu um sudo errado em alguma coisa que inutilizou (ou pelo menos quase) o seu PC não ta usando Linux corretamente.



is it ironic then that winblows breaks more easily and more often than linux?
or is that just my own subjective experience?

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