@alexlaw yup :blobcattilt:

I want to see a show where they "defeat" the villain by offering love and friendship. And they unironically accept.

GunXSword spoiler 

GunXSword spoiler 

GunXSword spoiler 

This is something I'm trying to do in my novel. It's really hard, because the villain is truly evil. But it's something that needs to be explored more in stories, I think.

The lack of love really messes human beings up. What do they become? What do the rest of us become in response?

I'm thinking of writing a novel (I got a lot of the plot figured out already) where not only the villain turns out to have good reasons; he actually CONVERTS the hero! :blobcatsurprised:

(Spoiler: it turns out that the hero was living in a dystopia and never realized it)

@polychrome @alexlaw

@polychrome @alexlaw Propably happened in My Little Pony at some point. Or many points. 8)

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