Here's an idea: a challenge.

Making a website? Avoid using JavaScript.

See how much of the functionality and design you were planning can be done using plain HTML, CSS and other web technologies that are now embedded in the typical browser without needing JavaScript code to do any of it.

Even if it seems impossible, look it up. It just might be possible.

There's so much stuff in there now, even a seasoned webmaster could be surprised.

@polychrome Gotcha. I can see certain cases where JS-lessness leads to more speed and efficiency, and how it could be a fun exercise to do so.

@polychrome I can also see where it can be quicker and more efficient to use JavaScript and related technologies (shadow DOM, XmlHttpRequest/GlobalFetch, etc.) for certain kinds of pages. I also have a lot of fun with JS doing even small things, especially rewriting common functions from functional programming languages like Haskell and Lisp.

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