@polychrome, that website is gorgeous and should be considered a model for web design.

@iiogama it was a pretty typical design for the day. It's just unique now because it stayed as-is :blobowo:

@polychrome, that’s what makes it so good! Anyone who has been in a coma won’t feel lost visiting that site.

@polychrome the fact that the case appears to be unchanged is an incredible achievement.

@polychrome Ah, I remember installing Slackware in the late 90's.

@wyrddrgn ditto, it was one of the few and best distros available after all :blobcat:

Was running it on our home gateway for several years also

@polychrome Real talk I started using slackware with 13.37 back in 2012 and made it my main distro starting in 2014. They let you download as far back as slackware 3.something from 97-99 and when I downloaded & installed it for funsies it was totally familiar, everything was in its place. I love that.

@polychrome Ubuntu was like this until 2011, 2012 or so, but that's got nothing on Slackware.

(like this as in "I can download warty and it still feels like the Ubuntu I know.)

@polychrome Even though they haven't had a release in a while, #Slackware is actually actively maintained and updated. They seem to have a friendly community, is my impression from talking to them in ##slackware@frenode not too long ago. You just don't hear that much about the project other than people reminiscing the early days of Linux distros. Slackware really was my favorite distro, as an otherwise BSD user, and I'd love to give it a go again.

slackware roxx. was my first linux distro ... why change sthg which works? ;)

wow, the memories. slackware was my first distro, back in 2002

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