GoDaddy is injecting tracking JavaScript code to websites hosted on its US data center without asking.

If you want it gone you (the site owner) need to opt-out manually from your hosting console:

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@erosdiscordia @polychrome It gets worse. Go look up Phorm. It's a platform for your ISP to inject ads into pages you request.

@vy @polychrome Oh yay, another addition to the long list of reasons to avoid GoDaddy like the plague. :blobunamused:

@polychrome As if I needed another reason to avoid GoDaddy... Any of the other major ones do it? 1&1 for example? I currently host my clients' pages off of a shared VPS but I've been considering moving them to their own hosting services with 1&1 since they already use it for their domain registration, that way I have less maintenance to do.

@jdkendall looks like most paid services do not pull this shtick which is why GoDaddy was a surprise.

@polychrome And this is why I've spent the last week migrating everything I l host away from my recently taken over by GoDaddy webhost. It was certain to go way downhill eventually.

@polychrome Why do people still use GoDaddy, after how scummy they've been for years? Ugh. I hate that GoDaddy even exists.

@trwnh most of them their users are just not savvy enough to realize what's going on.

@polychrome Or just drop GoDaddy altogether. That's abominable.

@polychrome Oops, I misspoke. I thought EIG owned GoDaddy, they don't. (EIG is notorious for gobbling up web hosting companies and turning the level of service to poo.) So that should instead read "That's GoDaddy for you."

@polychrome i'm not surprised its the sort of stupid top-down decision that big companies like GoDaddy are full of.

I am trying to think of the rational behind it, it just feels like an incredibly bad business decision.

@carbontwelve @polychrome Been boycotting GoDaddy for years and years. Turns out I was right to do so.

@pilum met too but for the reason that they are one of those large creepy providers with huge dystopian energy.


@carbontwelve apparently it's for providing site analytics for websites they host.

It's probably as stupid as just wanting to provide better a analytics service without thinking it all the way through. Big company managers tend to be blind like that.

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