Found a file using 2.1GB in C:\Windows\Temp .

Looked inside. It's just 0xAA repeating across the entire thing.


7z LZMA2 set on Ultra compression level: from 2.1GB down to 330kb. Should fit nicely on a 640k floppy :blobmelt:

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@koyu sadly this is 7 so it will in *checks watch* 11 months.

The last of the pretty good Windows. :blobsadleft:

@polychrome i know, everyone should prepare switching to linux, because only people who have no idea what a good operating system is will use windows 10. i see it as a apocalypse date i can note down into my calendar (like some sadistic pig watching everything burn).

@koyu @polychrome Linux is way better than Windows 10. It's just that Windows 10 is the only operating system that will reliably run the stuff I want to run, so I kinda have no choice 😐 sucks.

@sunsetmoth @koyu now you have me curious about the kind of stuff that needs 10 to run reliably :blobowo:

@polychrome @sunsetmoth windows 10 requires an ssd and a crapload of ram to run fine. the gpu shouldn't be crappier than amd/ati and the processor not crappier than intel 3rd gen.

@polychrome @koyu Wait, what? Is this just end of support, or something more insidious...

@not_on_pizza @koyu End of support, no more security patches. It'll become as safe as Windows XP over time.

@polychrome @koyu @not_on_pizza Actually less safe, considering that XP is still technically getting security updates because of POSReady and WIPOS. Of course, 2023 is when Embedded 7 will likely be sunsetted along with vanilla 8.1 and everything derived from it
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