GOG is giving away Soma for free.

I'm not big on horror games but I hear it has a "safe mode" now that lets you just walk around and absorb the dystopian future that is Soma.

So, if you're interested~

@polychrome looks like it's broken, clicking the "claim" button doesn't do anything

@fuckcompute worked for me on Firefox :thaenkin:

Try the main page at ? There should be a [claim] button on the banner at the top header.

@polychrome i ended up using chrome and it worked? maybe i've got a plugin blocking stuff that i dont realize

@polychrome @fuckcompute it didn't work from the game page but it worked from the home page for me

@radikalgrafitio @fuckcompute that's where I got it myself, guess I should have linked to that instead!

@polychrome @fuckcompute normally you'd expect the game's page to be the best place to get the game..

@polychrome OMFG

let me tell you

I wanted FOR SO LONG to have friends playing this game

so I could talk about it. THAT ENDING.

Please, it's great :)

@urso would it also check out if I play it in Safe Mode? Because I'm totally going to play it in Safe Mode.

Also, let me finish Prey (2017) first. I'm still in my first playthrough :p

@polychrome absolutely! The game is 100% linear and I don't think you'll lose anything, narrative-wise, by playing it in safe mode.

Well, some monsters have a distinct behavior to aggression, I should say, but the overall message is still there.

It's one of the few horror games I can endure. I still haven't got the guts to finish Resident Evil 7, and the only other game before SOMA was Alien: Isolation

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