@nutomic @SouthernGothHick @anna oh sorry! High heels were a thing originally designed for and worn by aristocrat men to make them look tall and important. At some point the fashion started getting adopted by men of lower classes, eventually causing the aristocrats to drop the practice entirely.

The style was later brought back in modern times by a fashion designer who cemented the style as exclusively feminine.

I don't have names and links on hand right :(

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@nutomic @SouthernGothHick @anna this timeline seems to elaborate the history of high heels quite well: reinvented by various cultures during history for practical or fashionable reasons, becoming a manly aristocratic symbol in France (and abandoned during the revolution), finally gaining an erotic meaning around the Victorian era (causing men to abandon the style) and ending up where we are today:

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I already knew the history but that layout makes it super nice to browse. Thanks @polychrome for sharing.
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