On December 17th Tumblr will ban all blogs carrying adult content:

They are calling this a move to make Tumblr "better and more positive".

I'm too angry to even begin to extrapolate.

I don't even use Tumblr, but I don't have to be using it to feel insulted by that post.

I want to say something analytical here but I can't. But I'm still furious. And I don't furious often. So I'll post an opinion later when I can think straight.

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@polychrome it's a shit desicision. And the problem is : there is no clear line between sfw and nsfw.
When that date hits, I'll uninstall tumblr and stalk pixiv

@kura apparently female nipples are prohibited unless covered by w suckling baby.

Babies are nipple pasties.

@polychrome what about see through clothes? Pulled up clothes before boobs? Under boobs? Real pasties? Swimwear? Torn clothes? Videos that may or may not depict nipples for a short or long time? Too tight clothes? Erect nipples under normal clothes? Erotic texts? Images, aka ecchi Anime?

There are so many issues with this...

@kura @polychrome apparently erotic texts is one of the few things they do allow... tumblr gone christian, lol

@polychrome -Can only picture Wile E Coyote in the middle of a desert holding a sign that says "Welcome to the current version of the internet"-
Its just the one or two people that are getting butthurt over every little thing. Its turning into a hardass christian church school arena where even thinking of something NSFW is blaspheme >.>
-Sighs-Its no wonder why I hate people...

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